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The Municipality of Faro (Faro City Council) formalized the Technical-Scientific Partnership Agreement as a reference partner for the H2O & Sustainability Innovation HUB innovation ecosystem.


The Municipality of Faro has been taking several measures to address climate change, such as the Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PAAC).

Some of the objectives of the PAAC are: i) Develop a solid scientific and technical base, ii) Reduce vulnerability and increase the capacity to respond to problems in the area of climate change, iii) raise awareness and encourage the participation of all social agents in matters related to concerns the implementation of the measures and iv) address these topics in the sense of international cooperation.

Taking these objectives into account, the Municipality of Faro, represented by President Dr. Rogério Bacalhau and Councilor Arch. Sophie Matias, formalized the partnership regarding the H2O & Sustainability Innovation HUB as an innovation HUB and Working Group.

H2O & Sustainability Innovation HUB's mission is to drive positive change and create sustainable solutions focused on technology and data that address the global challenges of climate change, water scarcity, environmental conservation, and economic and social impact.

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