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Scientific Committee

Hoori Ajami (Prof.)

Hoori Ajami.jpg

⮚ Assistant Professor of Groundwater Hydrology in the in the University of California, Riverside

⮚Expertise in Catchment Hydrology and Spatial Analysis, experience in the areas of surface water-groundwater interactions, integrated hydrologic modeling, and GIS custom application development for hydrological models.

Maria Almudena Ordóñez Alonso (Prof.)

Maria Almudena.jpg

⮚PhD in Mining Engineering (University of Oviedo, 1999) and Master in Hydrogeology (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, 2009). PhD thesis in the field of Chemical Engineering and in Environmental and Product Engineering (2012);

⮚Professor of the Department of Mining Exploration and Prospecting at the University of Oviedo (areas of research: hydrogeology, water and energy use of mine waters, urban geochemistry, pollution and risks of mining sites);

Shomit Ghose (Prof.)

shomit ghose.jpg


⮚General partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital fund, ONSET Ventures;

⮚Start-up entrepreneur, with multiple successful exits via IPO and acquisition;

⮚Serves on multiple advisory boards in Europe and the US.

Alexandra Plesu Popescu (Prof.)

Alexandra Popescu.jpg

⮚Serra Húnter Lecturer Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry at University of Barcelona;

⮚PhD thesis in the field of Chemical Engineering and in Environmental and Product Engineering (2012);

⮚Participation in research projects related to wastewater treatment technologies and nutrients recovery from wastewaters and municipal wastes;

Manuela Simões (Prof.)

Manuela Simões.jpg

⮚Degree in Geological Engineering and a PhD in Geology from the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), University NOVA of Lisboa

⮚Assistant Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences at FCT NOVA where she teaches the curricular units of Hydrogeology and Water Quality and Management

⮚Researcher at the NOVA GeoBioTec Research Centre and a member of the Specialized Commission for Groundwater at APRH, since 2006

⮚Developed scientific activities in groundwater studies, with a special focus on the hydrogeological knowledge of the sedimentary basin of the Tejo and Sado rivers (Portugal)

⮚Author of scientific papers published in national and international journals and a contributor to PDR (programs for food biofortification) and PRR (in Agriculture 4.0) Projects in the water intervention component, in the characterization of groundwater flow and water quality

Clemente Pedro Nunes (Prof.)

Clemente Nunes.png

⮚Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering: University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1975 & Technical University of Lisbon, 1976.

⮚Full – Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico – University of Lisbon.

⮚Vice President of the Scientific of ENAAC 2020/ Ministry of Environment

⮚Coordinator of the National Group for Process Integration, International Energy Agency.

⮚Director General of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education: August, 1986 – January, 1989.

⮚President of the Chemical Engineering National Society, at the “Ordem dos Engenheiros”: April, 1995 – April, 1998.

Carmona Rodrigues (Prof.)

carmona rodrigues.jpg

⮚Civil Engineer; Dip.H.E.(Delft); Ph.D.

⮚Professor of Hydraulics and Water Resources, at NOVA School of Science and Technology

⮚Membership: Portuguese Academy of Engineering, National Water Council, Portuguese Commission of Large Dams, Portuguese Association of Water Resources, Portuguese Order of Engineers.

⮚Former Minister of Public Works, Transports and Housing. Former Mayor of the city of Lisbon.

Manuela Moreira da Silva (Prof.)

Manuela da Silva.png

⮚Biologist, MSc in Applied Ecology and PhD in Environmental Sciences and Technology by University of Porto.
⮚Professor of Hydraulics, Water Resources and Environment of the University of Algarve - Institute of Engineering, Civil Eng. Department
⮚ Researcher of Environmental and Marine Research Centre, CIMA-ARNET 
⮚Director Researcher at CoLab Smart and Sustainable Living by CEiiA 

⮚ Director of Master Program in Urban Water Cycle 
⮚ Responsible of Sanitary Engineering Laboratory of University of Algarve 
⮚ Member of UALG in the UNESCO Chair in Ecohydrology – Water for Ecosystems and Societies

Steering Committee

Telmo Vieira (Prof.)


⮚Managing partner at PremiValor Consulting.

⮚Prof. at ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics and Management – University of Lisbon.

⮚President of the Supervisory Board of a bank operating specially in digital market.

⮚Mentor and investor in Startups in different phases, early stage and growing stage.

Rita inst.jpg

Rita Vasconcelos

⮚Director of PremiValor Consulting.

⮚Has significant experience in project and corporate finance, financial advisory, economic and financial modelling, company valuation, business plans and strategic planning, business modelling, project management and market studies.

Advisory Board

Nuno Brôco

Nuno Brôco.jpg

⮚20 years of experience as manager in private and public companies, in the Water Supply and Wastewater Sector both in Portugal and Multinational context;

⮚ Head of the Engineering Department of Águas de Portugal Group shared Services Company;

⮚ Non-Executive Board Member of the largest national wastewater treatment company (Águas do Tejo Atlântico, S.A.).

⮚Responsible for the AdP Corporative Innovation, promoting partnerships with academia, public utilities and private sector, applications to both national and international founding instruments and coordinating several R&D projects.

João Carlos Silva

Joao Carlos Silva.jpg

⮚ Degree in law (legal and economic sciences area) at University of Coimbra Law School (June 1987);

⮚Founder of the law firm João Carlos Silva & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados (January 2000);

⮚Board Member of banking and insurance, TV and broadcasting, science and technology, metallurgic companies (1993 to 1998; 1999 to 2010)

⮚Member of Portuguese Parliament (MP), Vice-Chair of the Economy and Finance Committee and Vice-Chair of PS Parliamentary Group - Assembleia da República (1995 to 2000)

⮚Member of Portuguese Government - Secretary of State for the Budget, Finance Ministry (1998-1999).

Derene Allen.png

Derene Allen

⮚Adjunct Professor in the Silicon Valley Immersion Program at the University of San Francisco.

⮚Instructor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the UC Berkeley Extension.

⮚International Diploma Program Mentor at the Global Social Benefits Institute, at Santa Clara University.

Mentors Board

Thomas Maier

Thomas Maier.jpg

⮚Associate Professor University of San Francisco School of Management

⮚Executive Director USF-Malloy Group:Experiential Learning Lab

⮚Design Thinking Consultant

⮚Revenue Management-Service System Design Researcher

Nuno Pereira.jpg

Nuno Pereira

⮚Degree in product design;

⮚Involved in multiple design/engineering hardware and software projects;

⮚CEO of Holy Grail Inc;

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