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What is the H2O, Sustainability & Circular Economy Innovation HUB?

H2O, Sustainability & Circular Economy Innovation HUB is an innovation ACCELERATOR for the WATER SECTOR, SUSTAINABILITY and CIRCULAR ECONOMY, involving Universities, Research Centers, Institutions, STARTUPS and reference Companies/Organizations in an integrated ecosystem of collaboration.

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Innovation Accelerator for the Water Sector, Sustainability and Circular Economy 

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At the end of each yearly edition, there will occur the WATER & SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT 2023, in Portugal.

The objective of the WATER & SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT 2023 is to promote innovation with presentations focused on Technology, Digital Transformation, Data Science, innovative Devices, etc. applied to Water sector, Sustainability and Circular Economy and by bringing together Organizations, STARTUPS and Researchers to develop networking and business opportunities.

There is also a place for a fair event for the presentation of products, services and solutions related with the Water Sector, Sustainability and Circular Economy.

Sowing ideas Today
for Tomorrow's Sustainability


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